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How High Heels Are Related to Arthritis

Although there seems to be very little connection between high heels and arthritis yet deep study has revealed that the two are actually interrelated. Chiropodists and podiatrists have been studying the maladies which are related to the continuous use of high heels over a long duration. Apart from the common side effects such as bunions, ingrown nails and corns another malady has now been included in the list. This is the condition of arthritis of the knee and foot joints.

The actual structure of the footwear which has high heels is by itself very problematic due to the odd angle which is formed from the heel and the toe. This results in a lot of pressure on certain key areas such as the ankle, the foot and the knee joints. After bearing the brunt of the extra pressure these parts may get inflamed and the cartilage joints may become weak. This makes the person prone to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most frequently occurring kind of arthritis. Women are more vulnerable to this as compared to men.

Another major cause is the unusual hike in the rate of obesity in most of the countries of the world. Obesity is the main culprit and leads to inflammation and other ailments related to the joints. If an obese person gets injured by wearing high heels then his case becomes even more complicated as he has to tackle weight issues as well. Obese people are at a high risk of suffering from arthritis.

Many people have the misconception that arthritis is an inevitable part of the process of growing old. So they never imagine that the kind of life we lead often brings arthritis to our doorstep. Statistics reveal that more than 25% of the women wear high heels. When this is coupled with the growing obesity rates then the chances of arthritis increases manifold. This makes one realize that the process of growing old does not make it mandatory for a person to suffer from arthritis. This brings forth the fact that by taking certain precautionary measures this disease can be avoided. By being free from arthritis you ensure that you do not have to experience the excruciating pain and joint stiffness which is synonymous with this disease.

As there is a relation between high heels and arthritis therefore it is justified to keep comfort over style and switch over to footwear which is comfortable and supports your foot. To lower the amount of stress on the foot and the joins you should ideally switch over to footwear with lower heels and proper support. By selecting good and comfortable footwear you lower the risk of damaging your joints and reduce the wear and tear impact.

'A stitch in time saves nine.' This holds true for foot injury as well. Finding the root cause of any foot pain or injury will help to minimize the damage which may lead to arthritis if not checked on time. Any inflammation or injury which is caused from wearing high heels should be attended to in a timely manner. If you feel uncomfortable and suffer from pain then you should not hesitate to take medical help. This will help to diagnose arthritis at the onset itself.

Although in the days gone by the people often failed to see the relation between high heels and arthritis but research has led to the masses understanding the connection between the two. In order to make a style statement women often tend to ignore the need to keep their feet cushioned and comfortable. By making some healthy changes you can ensure that you have better foot health and can enjoy wearing heels without having to worry about contacting arthritis.

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