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Why Do We Get Hot Diabetic Feet?

It is a common question and hot Diabetic feet are actually annoying more than anything.

Actually, many people get hot feet all the time, but does that make them Diabetic?

But sometimes Diabetics who get hot feet are not even in a hot environment, so what causes them to be hot in the first place?

Let's start with the first question. Why do seemingly non-Diabetics (or non-diagnosed Diabetics) get hot feet? Is that the first thing they should be concerned about? Is that an indicator of issues and complications to come?

Sometimes hot feet aren't actually caused by being Diabetic. Just because you have them doesn't mean that you are Diabetic and if you have Diabetes it doesn't mean that you will have hot Diabetic feet, sometimes you can even have cold feet!

Sometimes the environment plays a part- if it is hot outside, or we have over covered ourselves then you just might not have a Diabetic foot. And we get that a lot, because someone is thirsty doesn't mean they are Diabetic, it just means that they need a drink, especially so when it is humid and sunny outside.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think rationally rather than relying on Internet websites or own "research" to figure out what is going on. Check out a lot of these "question and answer sites". One question that was odd was "when I am up for more that 20 hours a day I am tired... do I have a tumor?" Odd but a true question (actually they never said tumor, they said a medical term that translated into tumor).

Anyway, true temperature feeling Diabetic feet, whether hot or cold are due to the nerves that we can not control. These nerves allow our blood vessels to constrict- so we get little blood and warmth to our feet- so they feel col. Or they dilate which causes our feet to feel warm. Upon feeling the foot the temperature difference sometimes isn't that obvious, but it is to the patient. Usually the leg is warm and then the toes are cooler- there is a defined gradient.

Sometimes the feet can become too warm, but then dousing your feet in super cold water might not be the wisest idea. Usually cooling them down with gels like peppermint are helpful. Walking on cold floors seem to help as well.

However many Diabetics will walk around barefooted but this is not good. This now exposes their feet to the dangerous "outside world". They may seem cooler, but in reality they are more prone to danger. The same goes for open toed sandals (with or without socks).

If the hotness becomes painful then it would be wise to obtain medication from the Doctor to reduce the now painful neuropathy.

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