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Metatarsalgia and Ball of the Foot Pain

The word Metatarsalgia means pain in the metatarsal part of the foot. This is located at the base of the toes from where they join the remaining part of the foot. The metatarsal bones begin at the arch of the foot and they end at the toe joints. The shape of the first metatarsal is different from the other four. This is actually located in the big toe. Most metatarsal disorders are caused due to the mismanagement of weight distribution and faulty development of pressure points while conducting activities related to weight bearing.

Metatarsalgia causes acute and unbearable pain at the ball of the foot. This pain aggravates during walking and running. If it is neglected then the patient suffers from pain while standing also. The pain may occur only in a specific area rather than the entire foot. This is because of uneven and improper weight distribution. You may experience a tingling sensation and a feeling of numbness in the foot. At times you may suffer from a sudden shooting pain in the toes. The patient sometimes feels that there are pebbles in his footwear while he walks. This situation occurs because of the pressure which falls on the ball of the foot. If you have the habit of walking barefoot then you will end up aggravating the problem even more. If these are not tended to in time it leads to become more severe. A patient may suddenly suffer from Metatarsalgia in case there is a sudden increase or modification to his physical activities. Any form of increased pressure on the lower limbs especially the feet can trigger Metatarsalgia.

Although it is perfectly normal if your feet begin to ache or if you are uncomfortable after walking or standing for a long time, if the pain persists for more than a few days even after the impact of exertion has worn out then you surely need to consult a doctor or a podiatrist. People who indulge in rigorous physical activities such as runners are more prone to suffer from this. Other factors which could lead to Metatarsalgia are being obese or wearing high heels. Wearing the incorrect size of footwear also leads to Metatarsalgia. People with abnormally high arches in their feet are also more vulnerable to suffer from this malice. People with other foot related maladies such as hammertoe, bunions, stress fractures and Morton's neuroma are also at a higher risk of contacting Metatarsalgia.

Metalarsalgia are mainly caused due to a medical condition but besides this any change in the type of physical activity or way of living can trigger this ailment. Anything which increases the pressure on the ball of the foot will lead to the onset of Metatarsalgia. Traditional remedies include giving the foot adequate rest, making changes in the lifestyle and stopping any intense physical activity. If you are a sportsperson then you may have to take a break from high impact sports activities as well. You will get relief from the pain by using orthotic devices which help to support the foot and specially the arch of the foot. You can also include shock absorbing insoles in your shoes. You can change the type of footwear you wear and opt for something which will give you comfort. In order to reduce the pain you can apply ice on the inflamed joins and cushion the area with the help of metatarsal pads to reduce the pain and impact of stress.

If you have tried all the above mentioned remedies and are still unable to get relief then there is high possibility that the doctor will treat you by injecting a steroid injection at the place where the inflammation has occurred. But this is not a permanent cure and excessive usage of steroids will be harmful and so it must be avoided. In extreme cases, when all the treatment methods fail then the patient might have to undergo foot surgery.

Prevention is better than cure, so by taking proper preventive measures you can be sure that you will be safe. Always select your footwear keeping in mind what you are most comfortable in. Watch your weight. Overweight people often are prone to metatarsalgia as their foot needs to support the excess weight of their body. Making use of arch supports and insoles will also make your foot comfortable and will provide extra support and protection preventing the risk of injury and stress. In case you feel any pain in the ball of your foot you need to take it easy for a while and start on one of the traditional remedies mentioned without wasting any time. As the more you delay the more severe the problem will become.

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